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Welcome to the Open Access COVID-19 Drug Discovery Project

What is this?

The goal of this project was to engage the scientific community to advance data-centric approaches for discovery of treatments for COVID-19. The initial results were used to apply for funding to continue the work, unsuccessfully. Due to the lack of funding, this project has not moved forward, but we have left the initial results here to demonstrate the approach and provide a publicly-available view of the Aionics platform.

Who are we?

Aionics, Inc. provides a platform for data-driven materials research and development, backed by a team of expert scientists. The platform has been used largely for battery research projects, but the project at hand demonstrates how it can be rapidly repurposed for essentially any R&D task involving the selection or optimization of substances.

What can you do with this?

Any data presented here are freely available for you to use. Aionics clients with access to this instance can tune the models and designs, or create new ones, on-platform. Public guests can view and download the results at any step in the modeling pipeline. If you are interested in gaining greater access to any resources presented here, please contact us.

If you make use of any original work from this site, please cite:
"Open Access COVID-19 Drug Discovery Project," Aionics Inc., accessed < date >,

How can you help?

We encourage you to use these data, and to share your thoughts about this project and ways that it might move forward. For example: provide domain expertise on this problem to help us improve our approaches; let us know if we’re missing some important data sources; provide feedback on the best sets of candidate drugs to consider in the screening steps; let us know if you discover other models that leverage COVID-19 datasets effectively (we may implement your model and give you credit!); or generally provide feedback about how to make this resource more valuable.

How can you get in touch?

Please email Austin Sendek at with any questions or feedback.